Here goes nothing.

As my bio states I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and starting this blog. I am 3 months into studying html/CSS. I have been taking different courses on, Scrimba, as well as

I had problems with one of my code camp projects responsive. The survey form container was the only thing that wasn’t affected, 4 days later I set the project aside and continued studying html and CSS for a few weeks. Today I was making a portfolio page and wanted to fix the small preview photo so I opened up my codepen editor and without thinking started looking over my code and fixed all of my px measurements into em.

After I fixed my project and got my screenshot I realized I had just spent 5 minutes fixing something that, 2 weeks ago, had me stuck for days. It was a good feeling and a small validation that I am not wasting my time. The more I learn the more I love coding.



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Dorisa Erwin

I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and start this blog. I am currently 3 months into my studies.